3PM Ozapft! Ceremonial Tapping of the First Keg 






1pm Brat Eating Contest

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2pm Royal Klobasneks 

3pm Royal Klobasneks

4pm Royal Klobasneks

5pm Royal Klobaneks

6pm Masskrugstemmen

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7pm Das Ist Lustig

8pm Das Ist Lustig

10pm Das Ist Lustig

11pm Das Ist Lustig

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Brave Combo - what had two Grammy's, an appearance on "The Simpsons", "Futurama" the movie  "True Stories" and more? Brave Combo! Often referred to as "nuclear polka" or psychedelic polka, Brave Combo covers popular music in polkas, and have a little something for everyone! Don't worry.....they never forget their roots!   

EIN PROSIT....Ya'll.

Legit! That's the only word to describe the 2nd annual Music line up for Paris Oktoberfest. Keep checking back for more bands and times!

Music Line Up

   The Royal Klobasneks are dedicated to preserving the traditional American polka sound of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s for modern audiences. Closest in sound to the 'Dutchman-style' bands popular in the American midwest, the Klobasneks have a lively sound that always get the crowd going. They feature a repertoire steeped in Czech, German, and Austrian music, as well as great traditional American polkas, waltzes, and pop tunes.

   Das Ist Lustig means "That's Fun". 
Traditional songs from Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Slovakia, American folk and variety music.  Even a little modern thrown in!

Das Ist Lustig's show is full of energy, beer garden variety music and surprises.  It's the only authentic German folk show that can be completely interactive with the audience.  The show is carefully crafted while reading audience's response.  Guests are invited to play bells, try their hand at the boombas, or play various other hand held instruments.  Wireless instruments and mics allow the musicians to join with the audience and lead them in the fun.  Simple folk dances and at your table dances (like their original audience participation creation: the Bench Dance ) suitable for all ages are led on the spot.