Is this the new Festival of Pumpkins? 
No, this is a total and separate event held at the Gibraltar Hotel Grounds on October 1st. The FOP is held on the square later in the month and is a Paris Main Street event….you should attend it too. 

What is this Masskrugstemmen we keep hearing about?

Why that is the old bavarian contest called in America as the Beer Stein Holding Contest. With certain conditions, those who hold it the longest win prizes and bragging rights!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.....can I participate in the Masskrug-thinga-magigy?

Yes you can click here to learn more about it.

Can I bring my dog / cat / iguana / monkey / llama? 
No, unless it is a service animal withe appropriate credentials, leave your pet at home. But bring grandma…..she’s cool. 

I lost my ID in a terrible, terrible dog / cat / iguana / monkey / llama accident but I’m over 21 can I drink?
Nope. Sorry. Need a government issued ID with a birthdate showing you are over 21. Then you’ll be banded and able to enjoy our imported biers. 

Can I just bring my own drinks or food in?
Of course not. Beat it. Due to TABC and food inspectors we can’t allow foreign items in. 

Well, will you have food there? Like German food?
Yes we have a little bit of everything. Bratwursts, Bavarian Pretzels, Belgium Waffles, and more! Even some traditional fare. 

We want to bring our kids….all 11 of them, is that alright?
Absolutely! Paris Oktoberfest is for the whole family to enjoy some great food, music, contests, and shopping. Children under 10 are free.  As the event grows each year we will add more and more activities for everyone. Again…..bring that grandma….telling you, she’ll light up at some of these polkas!

We like wearing crazy Dirndls and Lederhosen , is it ok if we wear them?
Yes! We encourage it! In fact find Oktoberfest Meister Felsberg, and he might have a surprise for you if you are in Bavarian regalia!

What kind of music will we hear?
The kind that’ll make you want to chicken dance all night long!  We have two great German Party bands and a special singer songwriter from west texas. Polka, rock…..rocking polka. People….we’re doing it. 

Ok so why do I need a ticket?
What?…. you think this was all free? Bands got to get paid, staff need a few bones, insurance, the beer guys…..the beer guys, man! Unfortunately we are limited by space, and have to restrict the number of tickets we sell. Your ticket gets traded for an armband and you are free to come and go all day long and enjoy the festivities. 

How do we get beer and some of those incredible Paris Oktoberfest souvenirs?
Visit the tickets booth in the middle of the marketplatz and you can buy tickets for such items. 

Do you take credit cards for the drink tickets?
Yep. As long as it’s your’s.

How can Non-Profits and Groups benefit from this event?

We prefer all of our foods, souvenirs, and personnel be part of a group earning the revenue from such jobs and sales. The more the better! As you stroll around you'll see various organizations selling Paris Oktoberfest items and refreshments collecting the revenue. And we are short handed this year, we need more! Email is for next year's opportunities now!

Is this going to happen again next year?
Of course….in fact it’s going to be three days long! How’s that for growth!

How can we get involved?
We are already looking for Non - Profits, Churches, Groups to benefit, staff to run the event, talent, sponsors, and more. Email us at