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Oktober 6-7 2017 

Old ​Gibraltar Hotel, Paris Texas

The 2nd annual Paris Oktoberfest will be held at the historic Gibraltar Hotel Grounds, with a host of vendors, REAL LIVE German music, authentic German food, and a beautiful biergarten that puts most biergartens to shame.......Our biergarten can beat up your biergarten. 

Paris Oktoberfest is the "brainchild" of comedian Daryl Felsberg, friends and family. After traveling many years to Oktoberfests and German festivals all over the

​nation, we all chuckled at the idea of having "ein wenig zusammenkommen" somewhere in Paris Texas. Well that turned into a full blown "help some charities" out and hire some big bands, and POOF! Gemutlichkeit baby!

Tickets are limited and will go on pre-sale May 1, 2017. Sponsorships, Biergarten VPS,  and vendor spots available. Visit us  here on the Contact Us Page for more information! Click below and check back often for updates and more info!